The biggest computer event in Eastern Finland -

now four days long!

This year Gyostage is held in Kuopio hall with over

700 computer seats!

Friday is free for visitors!
Free entry from 2pm to 8pm. 
You can bring with you a laptop or any other smart device!

Tournaments on site

Useful information


Kuopio hall is located very close to the highway, at Opistotie 4, 70200 Kuopio. Arrival is easiest via a car. From the highway you should see signs where to exit to Kuopio hall.

Parking personel will be guiding you throughout the first day of the event.

In case you arrive using public transportation, both arrive at Kuopio bus or railway station (next to each other), where you will have a 1.5 km walk to the event site. The easiest way to get to the venue with your baggage is to grab a taxi from in front of the railway station. The fare costs around 10 euros. You can read more at our Arrival guide-page.

For parents

As a parent you must have a lot of questions about Gyostage, the event your child wants to participate in. We, the organizers, are focused on making sure the event is safe and that our visitors are enjoying themselves.

For your child we recommend reading the First time visitor guide, as well as information about Gyostage and the Venue. On these pages we explain everything you need and how to ensure your enjoyment in the event and how to survive.

For you parents we have created a page where we aim to answer the most general questions and to explain what Gyostage is all about. You can read more about it on the For parents page.


The venue is one of the larges rentable spaces in Kuopio, Kuopio hall. This venue offers us an area the size of an entire football field to work with and it will include over 700 computer seats this year.

You will be guided from the highway onto the venue if you arrive by car. Arriving from the south you only need to take your exit and turn right twice, following the signs.

You can read more about arriving to the venue here. More specific information about Kuopio hall you can read at our Venue page.


The event is organized by Diginatiivit ry. Below is our contact information.

Head organizer:


General questions & Ticket sales:

Info & Help

+358 34 109 1111

You can also send us a message at our social media channels, on Facebook or Discord!