First time visitor guide

The most important thing you can bring with you to the event is a good and relaxed spirit! Remember to read the Rules before arriving.

Take with you

  • A computer or a console, a screen or a television.
  • The neccessary cables.
  • A keyboard, mouse, mousepad or a gamepad.
  • Headphones
  • Ethernet cable. At minimum 10 meters long, recommended 15 m. Note! Not crossover!
  • An extension cord. At least 3 slots and about 5 meters in length.
  • An ID card for possible checks (passport, driver's license)
  • Possible prescriptions with you for medicine that you are required to have with you.

Also make sure your computer, ethernet cable and extension cord are working at home before parting for the event. The venue will also have a stall or a partner outlet  which sells cables .


  • A sleeping bag or a blanket, a pillow and an (air)mattress.
  • Ear plugs.
  • Extra clothes.
  • Hygiene equipment such as a toothbrush, deodorant and soap.


  • A flashlight
  • Phone charger
  • Pain killers in its unopened, original packing!

Computer seat

  • A normal computer seat is 85 x 60 cm in size, PRO seat 124 x 75 cm and VIP + K22 136 x 60 cm.
  • For each computer seat we offer one power outlet so take a 5 meter long, at minimum 3 slot, extension cord with you. Do make sure that your electrical cables are working! These can cause trouble for the entire row.
  • For each computer seat there is also one ethernet outlet, so you'll need at least a 10 m long (preferable 15 m) ethernet cable. Note! Crossover cables do not work!
  • You are not allowed plug in any utilities or network equipment such as modems, routers or switches to your computer seat!

Shower and sleeping area

The event lasts for 72 hours, so take care of your own energy levels as well as your hygiene. We offer showers and a sleeping area at the venue.

You can read more at the Venue-page.


The event is organized by Diginatiivit ry. Below is our contact information.

Head organizer:


General questions & Ticket sales:

Info & Help

+358 34 109 1111

You can also send us a message at our social media channels, on Facebook or Discord!