For parents

As a parent you must have a lot of questions about Gyostage, the event your child wants to participate in. Here, we have answered some common questions about the event: What is it? Where is it? Is it safe?

What is it?

A LAN party is a gathering of people who've come to play, compete and spend time together. The most notable difference to gaming at home is that by attending a LAN party you can meet a lot of people who have similar interests as you when it comes to gaming and the industry. In addition to gaming, we offer many activities at the event where we try to reach anyone who's interested in gaming (Including parents!).

Who's at the event?

Gyostage is the biggest gaming event in Eastern Finland and widely known, so visitors arrive from all over Finland. Mostly though, they are local youth. Game development and retro-gaming also bring together some older generations to visit Gyostage.

The event has a recommendation age of 13 years and we wish that visitors younger than that arrive to the venue with an adult.


Gyostage is held at Kuopio Hall, Opistotie 4, 70200 Kuopio. You can read more at the Venue-page.


Gyostage is a confined event and during the event the venue is closed for any outsiders. Our organizers will make sure no inappropriate people move near the area during the event. Even though we do our best to make sure the event is safe, it's best to go through the rules and following notes before the event.

  • Sleeping: There is a specific area reserved for sleeping inside the venue. The sleeping area will be separated from the rest of the area via a curtain and it will be monitored by the organizers so everyone can rest peacefully.
  • Food and refreshments: A food stall will be placed at the event (hopefully) where you will be able to buy food during the event. There will also be a home utility desk at the event with atleast a microwave. About 650 m away there is a local burger shop, Hesburger. At Kuopio city centre (about 1.3 km from the venue) there are multiple restaurants and shops which you can visit. Parents are also adviced to discuss the use of energy drinks and coffee with their children during the event.
  • Belongings: Even though thefts are rare at these events we do not recommend leaving any valuables unwatched. It would be a good idea for anyone to have friends who watch your valuables if you exit your seat. You can also bring your valuables to our item storage which can be found at the Infodesk (note! For the storage fee look at Pricing).
  • Insurance: It is recommended to check your local insurance company about possible procedures if something surprising were to happen.
  • Rules: The event is completely alcohol, drug and tobacco free, and you can find our rules here. It is recommended to go through the rules before attending the event.

Technology such as electricity at the event will be installed by licensed professionals to ensure their safety.

How can I contact my child during the event?

The best way to contact your children during the event is via phone. Finding any person in a dark hall is challenging, but in case of emergencies we attempt to find these people using the broadcast system at the venue.

Freedom of responsibility

Gyostage is not responsible for your children. However us organizes are obligated to contact you if the situation dictates it. We are also not responsible for any equipment damage unless there is clear proof that the damage is caused by us.