Presentation for partners

  • Event: Gyostage VI
  • Organizer: Savon Diginatiivit ry
  • Dates: 12. – 14.10.2018
  • Location: Kuopio hall, Kuopio, Suomi
  • 2017 numbers: Sold computer seats 399/400, visitors ~750
  • 2018 goals: Sold computer seats: 700+/800, visitors ~1500

Gyostage is a 48 hour long, continuous, gaming event organized annually in Kuopio, Finland. The event has been organized for the past five years at Savonia university of applied sciences, near Kuopio city center. Gyostage is built each year by volunteers and it's main focus is computer gaming, electronic sports and responsible upgringing with gaming.

Similar events in this field in Finland are for example, Assembly Computer Festival, hosted in Helsinki.

During the event we organize various activities as well as tournaments for popular game titles. Game tournaments have both money and product prizes. Our goal is to bring together the best players and teams in Eastern Finland to compete in these tournaments.

Year 2018

This year Gyostage is held 12th - 14th of October for the sixth time, and it has already established its position as one of the largest gaming events in Finland. The event has grown to its current size during the first three years and our growth has only been limited by the size of the venue.

Kuopio Hall is the biggest rentable venue in our city where large exhibitions as well as sporting events are organized, and now it shall serve as the venue for Gyostage too. A big and versatile space, the size of an entire football field, gives us the chance to grow our event even larger.

The new venue does not limit out exhibitors but on the contrary - it offers us the possibility to offer our partners even more. Our goal is to improve and expand our partnerships and offer you space to arrive to our event and present our visitors your products and services.


We understand that supporting our event is an investment to each partner. Our goal is to build a long-standing and lasting partnership which benefits us both. Our event has been organized yearly and each year we aim to improve and grow ourselves in all areas.

We offer our supporters and partners various ways to advertise and be visible during our event and outside of it. Most popular ways have often been website advertisement, Kuopio city public transportation video advertisements, print graphics, white screen advertisements, leaflets we share to visitors, and of course your own exhibitions.

This year we are also aiming to expand our advertisement channels by offering time on our web stream. We are open to all forms of co-operation.

Do not hesitate to contact so that we can start building a contract which will make both parties happy!




Estimated 2018

Sold seats

399 pcs

~700 pcs

Sold visitor tickets

102 pcs

~ 150 pcs

Visitors in total ~ 800 pcs ~ 1500 pcs


20 000 views
6000 unique visitors

~ 30 000 views
~ 8 000 unique visitors

Social media




470 members during event

~  700 members during event