For Sponsors and Media

Gyostage is:

  • a 3-day LAN party with about a 1000 attendees located in Kuopio, Finland.
    • over 400 table seats for computers
  • organized for the fifth time this year by Savon Diginatiivit Ry, a non-profit organization promoting gaming culture in Eastern Finland.
  • aimed at everyone interested in gaming and computer technology.
    • gamers from 13 to 25 years old are the focus group.
  • filled with game tournaments for all skill levels and price ranges, and exhibitors providing activities and experiences all around the venue.
  • an opportunity to promote healthy gaming habits for hobbyists and game literacy to non-gamers.
    • discussions and presentations for youth workers, social workers and parents about games in upbringing
  • a place to gather, to meet and befriend people with similar interests and hobbies.
  • supported by local educational institutes, such as Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Sakky Vocational School.
  • a growing event with a goal of becoming one of the "must" computer festivals in Finland

For our sponsors we can offer various advertising opportunities within tournaments and around the venue, and possibly a longer partnership in future events organized by Diginatiivit.

Savonia AMK, Opistotie 2, Kuopio